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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Guns

In this post I will be counting down my top 5 favorite guns in Modern Warfare!

5. )  ACR - This gun is a great mid-to-long range weapon of choice.  I used just this gun for at least 2 whole prestige's!  It used to be my favorite gun for such a long time but I have not used it very much lately.  But it still deserves a spot in my top 5.

4. )  Famas - The Famas is a 3-shot burst assault rifle.  Great for long range shots.  One thing that is needed to be good with this gun is terrific accuracy.  You can shoot one 3 shot burst into an enemy and get the kill!  That is all it takes! I love the power and accuracy of this gun.

3. )  Tar-21 - The Tar-21 is a relatively new gun that I like the use!  This gun is so powerful it can kill with just 2 bullets if using FMJ.  I use the Tar-21 a lot in Search and Destroy matches because it is so powerful and accurate even with a silencer.  This gun also looks sick with fall cameo on it, even though I don't have it.  Although this gun isn't my top favorite I certainly love using the Tar-21.

2. )  Intervention - The Intervention is the best sniper rifle in the game!  And I absolutely love this gun!  Quick scoping with the Intervention gives me such a great feeling.  If you ever get a nice quick scope shot with the Intervention if you know how great it feels.  If you think you can beat me in 1v1, just leave a comment and challenge me!

1. )  UMP-45 -  The Ump  is by the far the best gun in the game!  Put a silencer on it and use the marathon perk and you are now a killing machine.  Use it in Search, Domination, Demolition, Team Death, Free-For-All, use it in any game mode and I promise you, you WILL GET KILLS!!!  It is by far my favorite gun in the game.  Even though you can't really see the cameos on it, it is still a sick gun.  The power on that gun is astonishing.  If you want to get loads and loads of kills, us the UMP.            

Enjoy :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Map Pack Coming Soon!

In case you guys haven’t heard the first pack for Modern Warfare 2 comes out March 30th. I’m still a little unsure about the pack, but I’ll give you guys as much info as I can and let you decide if you want it. First off, the map pack has 5 maps for 1200 Microsoft points. The maps included 2 “classic” maps from the first Modern Warfare: Crash and Overgrown. The 3 new maps are called Bailout, Storm, and Salvage. From what I know, Bailout is to be based around an apartment complex with lots of flanking positions, Storm an abandoned warehouse in a raging thunderstorm and Salvage, a snowy map placed in a derelict junkyard. Honestly, it just sounds like they are combining different aspects of maps that have already been made. None of the maps really excite me. However, I will still probably buy the pack to test it out and give you guys some feedback. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wanna Level Up?

Having trouble leveling up?  Want to get to level 70, 10th prestige fast and easy (without cheating)?  Then I have a few suggestions for you.  Play Search and Destroy!!!  You get 500 points per kill and 1000 points for a headshot!!  It is fairly simple to get levels fast playing Search.  Although I would not recommend this if you aren't very good at it.  If you can average about 5 kills per game then I say give it a try.  Anything less than that either work on your skills or choose another game mode.  Anything more than that, what are you waiting for?  Go into a leveling frenzy!!  For those people who choose not play Search and Destroy, then try your luck with a game of Demolition.  It is actually a very great way to earn levels faster than you think.  You can get many kills and you also get a BIG match bonus.  And you get a match bonus after every round and there are 2 to 3 rounds.  Demolition is a great way to level up!

Enjoy :)                     

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Care Package Glitch Patched

As of right now the infinite care package glitch has been patched.  Sorry to all of you infinite care packagers out there.  You will just have to try to figure out a new way to do it. 


Friday, February 5, 2010

Care Package Glitch

For all of you who are wondering the care package glitch is still not patched.  There have been a few patches to try to get rid of it but people have found new and improved ways of doing it.

Enjoy :)